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Quick FAQ'sphoto
When are the assessment fees due?
The assessment fees are due annually on January 1.
Where do I call after hours for an emergency?
CMA has an emergency on-call association manager to handle emergency Common Area Maintenance Issues(i.e. gates, pools, irrigation) requiring immediate response after normal hours, including weekends and holidays. Calls regarding payments, violations and other matters should be deferred until the next business day. The Emergency on-call number is 972-824-5159.
What are the CC&R'S?
The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the planned community as a non-profit corporation.
How do I make my assessment payment online?
To make your payments online, please login to your homeowner account. (if you have not logged on before, please click on the "Register" button and follow the instructions to obtain a username and password). Once you have registered online, please select the Pay Assessmentsbutton.
How do I contact you if I have questions?
If you have questions or comments about this website or to one of the committees, please click on the Contact CMA link and fill out the form. Be sure to be specific in your inquiry so that we may better assist you.
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Our website has been designed to help keep you informed about our neighborhood so that you can feel at home and in touch with your neighbors. Our website has a range of features which will help you communicate, not only with your neighbors, but with your association and management company as well.

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Board of Directors Meeting 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018; 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
CMA Corporate Office
1800 Preston Park Blvd., Suite 101
Plano, TX 75023
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Townhome Roofing Update Sept. 19

Dear Willow Crest Townhome Owner,

Our big re-roofing project is in the home stretch of completion. This is a huge project in which the all-volunteer Willow Crest HOA Board self-managed it to keep costs low. Our roof comes with a twenty-year leakproof warranty backed the shingle manufacturer, GAF. One of the shortcomings we addressed with this project was the lack of soffit ventilation in about 1/3 of the townhome garages. Apparently, the builder missed them. For this warranty, the contractor (Paragon Roofing) alerted us to this shortcoming as did a recent townhome buyer who did an pre-purchase inspection on his townhome. Many of you will see the contractor cutting in and adding vents to the underside of your soffits where needed. This required so your attic can be ventilated which helps maintain the long life of the roof.

We get a lot of emails with questions from homeowners on this project. We direct about 99% of them back to the contractor. Let’s review when you should call Paragon:

  1. I found a roofing nail in my tire. Call the contractor and take a picture of the nail. They will reimburse you. Neither CMA or the Association provides the reimbursement.
  2. I found nails on my patio and I want someone to pick them. Call the contractor. This project has millions of nails going up and coming down. We’re bound to find a few. They’re more than happy to bring their sweeper over and find nails.
  3. A screen got broken or my address numbers on my garage fell off. Call the contractor. They’ll replace them. Neither CMA or the Association provides the reimbursement.
  4. My satellite dish doesn’t work. Call the contractor.
  5. I see something on my roof that doesn’t look right. Call the contractor.
  6. The roofers are too noisy. Call the contractor. Although roofing is a noisy job and they probably can’t help you. Your patience is appreciated.
  7. The roofers operate their skytrackers too close to my car. We suggest you move your car if you see them near your car.

For items one through five don’t wait until it’s too late. Once the contractors have completed the project in a few weeks and have left the property getting them to pay for a nail in a tire or a new screen is too hard. Neither the Board nor CMA can you help you so don’t delay. Please look around your property today and identify things that the contractor should look at it.

Here are Paragon’s phone numbers:

a.  The on-site Project Manager, Pete Valdez at Paragon Roofing – Cell: 469.562.8190 or,
b.  VP of Operations, Quentan Tobolka at Paragon Roofing – Cell: 214-336-0316


We’ve heard of a few instances where the impact of replacing the roof has caused the drywall compound to pop-off the drywall nail in your ceiling. This is a cosmetic item. Generally, these occur where the roof is close to the exterior wall. The Association will work on a reasonable plan to handle fixing these cosmetic items in your townhome. If you have discovered any nail-pops or any other issues directly related to the roofing project, you will need to log into your CMA portal ( and submit a Work Order (under Homeowner Connections). The deadline for these request is October 15th. Any new requests made after this date will be limited to the Board’s discretion.

The follow up repairs should take place during the fourth-quarter. Your patience is appreciated. Once a plan is developed we will communicate via email. In the meantime, if you have general questions, you may email us at That email address is monitored by some volunteer homeowners, board members and CMA.

Thank you,
Willow Crest HOA

Important Information Regarding the Willow Crest HOA Pool

Dear Willow Crest Residents,

It has been brought to the attention of the Board of Directors that several residents have been unknowingly causing a safety concern at our community pool.  Anyone accessing the pool area should have an access card to do so.  Not only is it required to fill out a liability waiver to get these cards (which protects your HOA financially), but it also assures that anyone enjoying the pool are residents of Willow Crest.  No one should ever allow someone to “tailgate” into the pool area, or open the gates for someone that does not have a card. 
What if I see someone hop the fence or tailgate in?
Just as you would in your own backyard, do not allow strangers into the community pool.  It can be extremely dangerous as the intent of someone outside the community is unknown.  This is private property that is paid for by all the owners and not open to the public.  While you may be hesitant to approach someone, especially if they have children with them, you can always gently remind them that the City of Plano provides several excellent pool facilities including water slides at the Tom Muehlenbeck or Jack Carter pools for nominal fees.  We encourage you to not make a big show if you see someone come into the pool area in this manner, as drawing attention to the situation may make them defensive.  Simply ask them to speak to you for a moment quietly off to one side.  If they do not leave when asked to kindly, the police may be called. 
What if someone lives there but doesn’t have a card?
Each property is required to turn in a liability waiver before they get their access card.  This liability waiver protects the Association and all the owners in it from a financial point of view.  All owners should have a vested in interest in making sure each person at the pool area is covered by one of these waivers.  Tenants must get their access cards from their property owners, who are required to take responsibility for all the actions of their tenants.  Additionally, when the access card is scanned at the gate, the HOA has a record of who entered and at what time.  This is important information should any sort of incident occur.

Please log in and be sure to visit the Pool Information page to review the rules and regulations.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care at 972-943-2828.   Please program that number in your phone as that will also reach the after-hours emergency number for CMA.


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