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Many of you have made contact with a vendor that is able to repair your crumbling mailbox. CMA has made contact with Greg Smith who handles warranty work for ACME Brick. ACME will replace any of their bricks that have failed due to manufacturing or installation for free. In most cases that he has found in our neighborhood, the mailboxes were installed with inadequate ventilation. Weep holes were not installed so when water seeps inside it cannot dry out which causes the bricks to fail. Homeowners need to contact ACME to open their claim or they can contact Greg directly. His phone number is 817-475-2286 and his email address is smithsmmm@att.net.

Winter Watering Guidelines in Effect
November 1 - March 31

Beginning November 1, Plano residents and businesses are asked to only water a maximum of twice per week.

  • Only water when needed. You may not need to water if rain is in the forecast. Subscribe to WaterMyYard.org for weekly watering recommendations. 
  • Planting cool season grasses, such as rye or fescue, is discouraged. These grasses require extra water during the winter months
  • If water is needed, set your sprinklers to run when the temperature is warmer, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., to avoid icing of streets and sidewalks.
  • Excessive water runoff and watering during rain, ice or snow is prohibited. 
  • A variance may be requested to water new landscapes for up to 30 days. Instructions are available at plano.gov/variances. Variances are not required for filling pools.
*As HOA watering involves watering of their common areas and in many cases the City of Plano right of way (which has no address), it was decided that all HOA watering and addresses ending in zero would follow an EVEN address watering schedule.

Watering Days

Even numbered addresses - water on Thursdays only
Odd numbered addresses - water on Tuesdays only

Architectural Requests

Remember that all external changes to your home must be submitted online for Architectural Approvals. Please make sure to gain approvals BEFORE starting any work on anything you have planned for your external areas.  Not getting proper approvals could result in fines and additional costs at your expense. Thanks for your cooperation.

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