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Quick FAQ'sphoto
When are the assessment fees due?
The assessment fees are due annually on January 1.
Where do I call after hours for an emergency?
CMA has an emergency on-call association manager to handle emergency Common Area Maintenance Issues (i.e. gates, pools, irrigation) requiring immediate response after normal hours, including weekends and holidays. Calls regarding payments, violations and other matters should be deferred until the next business day. The Emergency on-call number is 972-824-5159.
What are the CC&R'S?
The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the planned community as a non-profit corporation.
How do I make my assessment payment online?
To make your payments online, please login to your homeowner account. (if you have not logged on before, please click on the "Register" button and follow the instructions to obtain a username and password). Once you have registered online, please select the Pay Assessments button.
How do I contact you if I have questions?
If you have questions or comments about this website or to one of the committees, please click on the Contact CMA link and fill out the form. Be sure to be specific in your inquiry so that we may better assist you.
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November 2-3, 2018

The Bridgewater Crossing Community Garage Sale will be held Friday & Saturday, November 2 & 3, 2018.  The hours will be Friday, November 2, 8AM-4PM and Saturday, November 3, 8AM-2PM. 

With the garage sale just 6 weeks away, it is time to begin cleaning out the attic and the closets of unwanted items.  A garage sale is a great way to clear out without having to load up your vehicle to transport the items elsewhere. 

We will place banner signs on Renner @ Sharp Lane and Sharp Lane @ Bridgewater Drive, directional signs at our entrance and throughout BWC, and balloons on participant’s mailboxes.  This sign plan has been approved by the City of Richardson.  The city has also waived the requirement for individual garage sale permits.

We will be e-mailing another notice in a few weeks to remind you of the event and to provide additional details regarding our garage sale as well as tips for a successful sale.

Please e-mail me, Diana Levy, (3424 Bridgewater Drive) as to whether or not you plan to participate in the garage sale.  Participation is key to the ongoing success of this event and it gives us the opportunity to get out, enjoy some fall weather and visit with our neighbors.  Please contact me with any questions you may have or if you would like to help in the planning and/or execution of this community wide event.

Thank you.
Diana Levy
BWC Garage Sale Committee

Main Gate Information

Please do not give your code out to non-residents. Vendors, deliveries, guests, and other non-residents should utilize the call box, Please click here for information on how to operate the call box. To update your phone number in the system or to acquire an access code for routine service providers, please send an email to the address below.

Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have questions regarding this notice, please email Rebecca Tarpley.

BWC News


April 5, 2018

Following up our letter of March 5,2018 we are pleased to announce the following HOA members have volunteered to serve on our Ad Hoc Parking Committee:

Matt Babich - 3913 Clear Creek Court
Karina Brumit - 3902 Clear Creek Court
Tom Corey - 3901 Clear Creek Court
Neil Feranec - 3401 Brookside Drive
Paul Giles - 3925 Clear Creek Court
Robert Harris - 3917 Edgewater Court
Evelyn Shearer - 3405 Brookside Drive

The Board has appointed Ron Taylor and Neil Montgomery to serve as Board Liaisons to the Committee and to provide the necessary guidance and direction.. 

The next step in the process is for the Committee, the Board Liaisons, and our CMA property manager Rebecca Tarpley, to meet to discuss the drafting of a survey in an attempt to gain participation from all our HOA members to determine whether we have a parking problem at Bridgewater Crossing.  The survey process will include: drafting the survey questions; dissemination of the survey; and collecting, tabulating and evaluating the responses. 

If it is determined we have a parking problem then the Committee may develop possible solutions, consider enforcement methods and formulate recommendations to the Board.  The proposed changes, in whatever form they take, will be discussed at a Board meeting open to all HOA members with an opportunity for them to comment and discuss.

This Committee is expected to be activated for approximately 4-6 months. The Board will periodically report to the HOA members regarding progress of this matter.

Board of Directors:
Ron Taylor, President, Social and Communications Liaison
Perry Rushing, VP/ Treasurer, Landscape Liaison
Chuck Kelley, Secretary, ACC Chair
Neil Montgomery, Creek Czar
Jim Grandey, Capital Repairs Czar

Community News

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What's Happening

photo Several homes around the community have been having small issues with dogs barking excessively. Please click here for some neighborly advice to address this issue.

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City of Richardson Week In Review (click HERE) - a series of weekly messages from the Mayor and City Council to help residents and businesses keep up to date on events at City Hall.

2017 City Council President's Meeting Minutes
November  Richardson's Environmental Resources Newsletter

2018 City Council President's Meeting Minutes
February   2017 Community Revitalization Awards

Bridgewater Crossing Board Members

Ron Taylor, President, Social and Communications Liaison

Perry Rushing, VP/ Treasurer, Landscape Liaison

Chuck Kelley, Secretary, ACC Chair

Jerry Burleson, Creek Czar

Jim Grandey, Capital Repairs Czar 

Committee Chairs:

Neil Montgomery: ACC Chair
Lynne Rushing: Landscape Chair
Jana Oskoui: Social Chair
Diane Levy: Garage Sale Chair
Karina Brumit: Communications Committee member (soon to be formed)

As always, we strive to make Bridgewater Crossing an excellent neighborhood for all of us. We look forward to becoming a premier community in Richardson!

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