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How to Register

For first-time users, remember, to make your payments online, you must be logged in to your homeowner account. (if you have not logged on before, please go to https://cma.cincwebaxis.com and click on the "Register:" button.

Follow the instructions to obtain a username and password. Once you have registered online, please log in to  your account, and select the "Pay Assessments" link. Click Online Help for detailed steps to register and make a payment.

Automatic Billpay

An important note about your bank's automatic bill pay service

When you choose to pay online through your bank, the payment amount typically is drawn from your account on the same day; however, your bank may not cut and mail a paper check until your indicated "Deliver by" date. Different banks have different timelines; please check with your bank for further information.

Automatic Billpay

Depending on your bank's processing, please allow adequate time after the 'deliver by' date for mailing, 7-10 days or longer. It is an electronic payment for you, but not the bank; therefore, when setting up your online payment, please allow sufficient time for your bank to process and mail your payment.

This payment process differs from e-checking. If your bank transfers funds to CMA electronically, the payment may be received in a shorter interval.

Online Recurring Payments

Did you know you can set up online recurring payments? Use this website to set up a recurring payment to automatically pay your quarterly assessments.  This feature is not available for semi-annual and annual payments. Find out more.

CMA Management Payment Methods
CMA Has Convenient Payment Options

Five Convenient Options to Pay Assessments
Whether online, by check, or in person, avoid penalties by always paying your balance by the due date. 

Here's how:

1). E-checking

Payment Methods

  • One-time e-check payments:
    • On "Pay Assessments" screen choose "Electronic Check" option
    • Enter routing number, account number, payment amount
    • Payment pulled the following day
  • Recurring e-check Payments:
    • On "Pay Assessments" screen choose "New Recurring eCheck"
    • Enter routing number, account number, payment amount
    • Select Monthly recurring or Quarterly recurring
    • Fill in payment dates - must be future dates, not "today's date"
Please Log In on the Homeowner Connection page (or Board Connection page for board members) and click on the "Pay Assessments" link. 
2). Pay by ACH
  • No Fee
  • This is an indefinite setup of paying your regularly scheduled assessments
  • No end date needed
Please Log In on the Homeowner Connection page (or Board Connection page for board members) and click on the "Pay Assessments" link. 

3). Pay by MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover Credit Card Online.
A third party credit card processor (not the association or CMA) applies a fee to online credit card payments. Please Log In on the Homeowner Connection page (or Board Connection page for board members) and click on the "Pay Assessments" link. 

4). Payment by By Mail with a Check
No Fee Charged. You may mail your check to:

    Payment Processing Center
    ATTN: Your "Association Name"

    P.O. Box 293330
    Lewisville, TX 75029-3330

5). Payment in Person with a Check
You may also pay in person at:

    1800 Preston Park Blvd., Suite 200
    Plano, TX 75093
    Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday

Please Note: We are unable to accept cash for payment of assessments at any of our locations

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