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"Our manager conducts herself in a very professional manner. I trust her judgment and counsel. "

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What Clients Say 

"She has provided enormous value to our community and is an outstanding representative for CMA. "

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Green Light Your ACCWhat do you need to submit to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)?

Before it can be reviewed by your ACC Committee, your request "package" provides the description and documents which specify changes you want to make to your property. Typically, an ACC request may include the following:

  1. A completed Online Submission Form.
  2. A site plan showing the location of the house along with any other structures on your lot, and the proposed structure (also showing the exact location of the modification including distances from house, fences, utility easements and building setbacks).
  3. A description of the project, including height, width and depth, roofing materials, colors etc. A complete materials list of the project, including paint and/or stain color (include swatch).
  4. A picture or drawing of the intended project (brochures or links to websites about it).
  5. Schematics, drawings, or contractor plans (if applicable).

Red Light ACCWhat happens when you don't submit all the required documents with your request?

Incomplete ACC requests must be denied. The denial letter will include a brief explanation of what was missing.

Why not just hold the request until owners provide any missing documents?

This denial letter policy is necessary so that the management company and your board legally comply with the requirements of your governing documents. In all cases, we cannot "hold" an ACC until additional documentation is sent. We are legally obligated to deny the request.

How do I submit my ACC request online, if my association permits it?

 Visit the CMA website, www.cmamanagement.com, log in and select "ACC Request" from the "Account Info" menu tab. Follow the prompts to complete your request and upload documents.

CMA Management

How long does it take for the Committee to review an ACC request package?

This varies, so check your governing documents for specific requirements and timelines for your association.

What if I have questions?

Contact our Customer Care department at 972-943-2828 or customercare@cmamanagement.com.

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