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Know Your Neighbors

Read May 2018 edition of the City of Coppell's Newsletter.

To Our Vistas of Coppell Neighbors,

As our community ages, keeping up the long-term property values of the Association with the repair and replacement of items as they become needed is more apparent than ever. The repair/replacement of Association property include, but not limited to, the front monument lighting, an updated Reserve Study (a long-term capital budget planning tool), as well as the much-needed completion of the perimeter brick wall project. After careful consideration and review of the Association's finances, we have determined that it is time for such increase to the Association's assessment amount.

This consideration also includes the general increase in cost of living, as well as, having adequate funding for our Operating and Reserve accounts. This will ensure that our community can be properly maintained, thus preserving our property values. The goal is to help prevent the need for any Special Assessments for any repairs. Per the authority granted by the Governing Document, Section 12.3(a), a 10% increase has been approved and the new Annual Assessment amount will be $440.40. We have also considered the timing of the Annual Assessments and determined that a due date later in the first quarter would be beneficial to the homeowners. Per the authority granted by the Governing Documents, Section 12.8, the new Annual Assessment due date is March 1st. Please note that you will receive the Annual Assessment mailing to remind you of these changes, but this mailing will occur after January 1st.

It is in all of our best interests to ensure we continue to maintain the quality and beauty that has made us all choose Vistas of Coppell HOA as our home.

Please feel free to contact the Vistas of Coppell Board or our CMA Customer Care( or 972-943-2828), if you have any questions. Remember that the community's information, Assessment Payments, ACC submissions, and Violation Notifications are visible by logging into your account on our website. Please be sure you are registered and opted in for email notifications, as well as provide an updated email address.

Vistas of Coppell Homeowners Association, Inc.
Board of Directors


Mosquito Prevention

Warmer, rainy weather means mosquito season is upon us. Protect yourself and your family from potentially dangerous bites by taking precautions to help control the mosquito population.

Mosquitos need water in order to breed and grow into adults. There are a variety of measures you can take to eliminate standing water to help control the population.

For tips, visit the West Nile Virus and Mosquito Control page on the city of Coppell website.

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